About Science IQ


What is ScienceiQ?

An online, team based science resource for teachers and tutors to add to their arsenal of science learning and teaching resources.

The scienceiQ quizzes test student knowledge, skills and understandings in most areas of Science, such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, biotechnology and science investigations.

The ScienceiQ quiz encourages students to bond and work together as a team while having fun learning science.

Try our free online quizzes and see how ScienceiQ will benefit you and your students.


How does it work?


ScienceiQ competitions run each term of the school year for specific year (age) groups. For example there are two Year 8 competitions, one in term 1 and a different and independent term 4 competition. You do not have to participate in both competitions.

ScienceiQ is for school teams of four students. The competition consists of two rounds of 12 or 15 questions. Each round is a week apart and accessible on this website from the start date given and remains open for the duration of that week.

Teams can log on at any time during the set days and have up to one hour to complete each round. Completion time is important though, because in the case of ties for any of the first three places, the winner will be the team that took the least time to complete both rounds. So work collaboratively and share the load.

What can I win?


First, Second and Third Place Certificates for individual students in the top three teams. Team members of the winning teams are also awarded a prize. A school certificate is awarded to the school of the winning, first place, team in each competition.

What are the competition subject areas?


Competitions contain Science in Action and Human Endeavour questions with real world context. The questions will include scientific inquiry skills and cover the areas of science understanding in the Biological, Chemical and Physical sciences, and the Earth and Space sciences.

Competition Sponsors

The Year 7 Competitions are proudly supported by:

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